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The results and consequences of our decisions have a ripple effect; therefore, making decisions should not be taken lightly. Decisions affect our now and our later and most are irreversible. When making decisions, we sometimes hear people talk about how they used good sense. What an individual considers human wisdom or good sense, whether gained through education or human philosophy, is nonsense when weighed against the wisdom of God. Godly wisdom cannot be learned in a University. It can only come to those seeking it that are in a right relationship with God. The human mind, no matter how intelligent cannot comprehend spiritual truths. The Holy Spirit dwells within us, leads us into all truth and as Proverbs 8:10­-11 says God's Wisdom is better than rubies or pearls. There is nothing to which it can be compared. 


Without employing God’s word in our lives, our thinking may be self-centered. Many of us cannot be left to make decisions based merely on our individual thinking because our perception is easily skewed. We have the habit of making decisions based on “what’s in it for me, how will this benefit me, if it feels good to me then it must be good for me”. Making decisions without knowing the will of God is not good sense but absurd nonsense


To steer clear of and overcome the pit falls, heartaches, disappointments, and tragedies of life, we have to rely on God Sense to bring us through. God’s word is not dated nor void. (The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever. Isaiah 40:8). God’s word is replete with wisdom for the living of everyday of our lives. God’s Wisdom and God Sense trumps human wisdom and human “good” sense every time. 


God Sense and God’s Wisdom puts good sense and earthly wisdom to shame. Seek the Lord and the wisdom of His word in all things at all times ­ all of your life.

Victory in Jesus Christ

James S. Hall, Jr., Pastor

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