Volunteering for  Committee   (Please check appropriate box)


Must be available Saturday-Friday, August 4-10 2018. work at 4 hour intervals

Must be able to walk and stand for periods of time.  Greet arriving guests at hotel, airport, train station etc. Maintain assigned station until relieved


Must be available Friday-Friday. (Conventioneers to pay minimal fee for service)

Drivers must be properly licensed insured to transport personal and church vans

Staff command post insure adequate coverage at airport, train and bus station

Willing to transport conventioneers to historic sites, restaurants, etc.


Available Saturday August 4, 2018 from 12-4pm at Marriott Hotel. Need males and

females. To prepare registration kits.


Assists PNBC in publicizing annual session. Need contacts at local news media,

Radio and TV media outlets…writing experience in News Releases important.Contact local churches, religious and civic conferences, Work with PNBC public relations consultant.


Must be available Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Must have even-tempered personality. Able to function amidst crowds

Onsite instruction to be given by PNBC Membership Specialist


Mass Choirs…Must be available for rehearsals prior to session.  TBA

To render music for worship Parent Body sessions Monday and

Tuesday evening and for President’s Night on Thursday

Praise Dancers..Must be available Monday and Tuesday evenings


Vendors- Solicit vendors to purchase a booth in convention vendor area.

Program Ads- secure ads for session’s program booklet…churches, businesses

Religious and civic conferences, politicians, individuals, etc.