March 2021


There is great controversy regarding taking the COVID 19 Vaccination and it is certainly an individual choice.  Receiving the vaccine does not guarantee immunity from the virus but will cause the effects, should you get it, to be less severe.  Since there is no 100 per cent surety of total protection, those receiving it are advised to continue to follow CDC guidelines of: masking, social distancing, hand washing and appropriate hygiene to help prevent its spread.

As Christians, we are susceptible to the same things as non-believers. What happens to us is subject to happen to anyone: We all have our first breath and will breathe our last.  A vaccine may give us covering from a disease.  Wearing seat belts give better protection against severe injury in an accident.  Healthy eating habits improve overall health. These are all individual choices and regardless of the choice – all will eventually pass from here into eternity.  We should be concerned about our here and now and we must be concerned about our hereafter!

There is no vaccine to protect mankind from the penalty of sin!  Only the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ can pay its penalty!  To accept the free gift of Salvation, it is not necessary to register, stand in line or receive an injection. The free gift of Salvation is afforded to whosoever.

Those who have opted to follow CDC guide lines, take safety and health precautions and have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior will have rejected full payment for their sins and have hell to pay.

As it is an individual choice to accept or reject the COVID 19 Vaccine, it is also an individual choice to accept or reject the free gift of salvation.  Whereas the former choice may lengthen your physical life; acceptance of the latter will ensure your eternal destination and sublime life after life!

The atoning blood of Jesus Christ gives the total, absolute, unconditional, unparalleled protection of redemption and salvation for mankind.

Make life choices carefully, your life after life does depend on them!


Victory in Christ Jesus!

James S. Hall, Jr., Pastor

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